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The Greenlove Foundation was established in memory of Kendra L. Bowers, a passionate environmentalist who tragically lost her life at the young age of 19 in a skiing accident. Kendra was an active environmental science student at UVM; her life goals were the “preservation and protection of our land and its resources”. Known also as the “green police” among family and friends, Kendra was blessed with a beautiful voice. She was a choir member and a capella singer at St. George’s School and a member of the Zest a capella group at UVM. Kendra lived by the “recycle, reduce, re-use" mantra. Kendra’s vision was to encourage others to admire and enjoy the natural beauty of the Earth and to teach the importance of protecting and saving our land. She reminded us to live our lives, to be spontaneous, to love, and to be kind.

The Greenlove Foundation was founded to continue Kendra’s legacy, to fulfill her life dream of protecting and taking care of the Earth, to make a difference, and contribute to a healthier Earth through the donations of water bottle filling stations to schools and recreational areas.  To date, 25 water bottle filling stations have been installed in schools, parks, and conservation areas throughout Rhode Island and beyond!

There are many ways to get involved! Donate, Volunteer, or Create a Greenlove Event.
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