Greenlove Water Bottle Filling Station Recipients
Greenlove is so proud to partner with our communities to prevent plastic waste from entering the environment. On Earth Day last year, we were able to donate a filling station to both Gaudet Middle School in Middletown, RI and The Pell Elementary School in Newport, RI. In 2021, installations have been completed at the Florence Gray Center in Newport, RI and Dunn Elementary School in Westerly, RI. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our formal reveal ceremonies will take place at a later date.
Past Water Bottle Filling Station Installations
Dunn Elementary, Westerly, RI: installed May, 2020
In May of 2020, Dunn Elementary school received Greenlove's 24th hydration station donation. The fourth graders researched the environmental benefit of reducing the use of plastic water bottles. They kicked off their research by creating an awareness Wevideo. Additionally, the music teacher wrote a song about the importance of recycling. Art projects reusing plastic bottles were examples of how the school raised environmental awareness. Greenlove was thrilled to hear about Dunn Elementary's ongoing research and plan to create a school-wide project presented when it's safe to do so.
Florence Gray Center, Newport, RI: installed September, 2020
On September 11, 2020, in the middle of COVID challenges, Greenlove announced their donation of a hydration station to the Florence Gray Center. The Florence Gray Center, the heart of the Boys and Club in the North End, provides critical support to many youths in sports, recreation, health and wellness awareness, job training, arts, etc. The Greenlove hydration station replaced a broken water fountain in disrepair and provided greater access to healthy lifestyle opportunities for the youth while protecting the environment.
Providence Children's Museum, Providence, RI: installed April, 2020
Providence Children Museum is the 20th organization to receive a water bottle filling station donation from Greenlove. With an annual attendance of approximately 180,000 visitors this installation will no doubt be very impactful on our environment. A special educational program with a focus on reducing single-use plastic was developed by PCM’s Education Dept.; the program adds to PCM’s past and present educational environmental programs and exhibits. The museum is currently open and the WBFS is available for usage as the museum feels safe to do so.
St. Philomena School, Portsmouth, RI: installed September, 2019
Under bright September skies on the school’s picturesque campus lawn, a dedication ceremony celebrating the donation of a water bottle filling station to Portsmouth’s St. Philomena School was attended by the Greenlove Foundation board members, students and faculty.
Thompson Middle School, Newport, RI: installed June, 2019

Thompson Middle School students presented their research and work in a gallery walk format at the school. The gallery walk allowed the students to show their research work on the issue of single use plastic, litter and composting.  The collaborative program surrounding the water station rollout was the first community based call to action project at Thompson involving Greenlove and Clean Ocean Access.

hope valley.jpg
Hope Valley School, Hope Valley, RI: installed April, 2019
Enthusiastic students dressed in their favorite festive costumes as part of "Spirit Week", joining teachers and faculty, and GLF members in the gym where the WBFS was adorned with handmade green artwork. The students incorporated the theme, "reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse" as they sang songs, recited a poem, displayed their colorful hand made posters, and presented creative designs for a reusable bag. Way to go!
Prov 360.jpg
Providence 360 School: installed March, 2019
A t-shirt created by the students with the logo, "Ban The Bottle" was worn by many as they presented a video, "The Lifecycle of a Bottle." To date, over 2,000 refills have been recorded!
South County YMCA.jpg
South County YMCA, South Kingstown, RI: installed December, 2018
A crowd of enthusiastic SCYMCA members, ranging in age from pre‐kindergarten children to senior citizens, attended the ceremony and enjoyed using the Elkay rapid filling WBFS that provides ready access to filtered drinking water and hydration by using a reusable water bottle to eliminate single bottle usage.
guiteras school.jpg
Guiteras School, Bristol, RI: installed November, 2018
The assembly of jubilant students and teachers were clad in blue and green to represent water and earth. Greenlove is so proud of the Student Leadership Team, whose goals to "Support Green Initiative" around the school include monitoring lunchroom recycling, collecting used water bottles for projects, and collecting suggestions and ideas for a new school  green garden.
King Park, Newport, RI: installed June 3, 2018
We were delighted to partner with the Friends of the Waterfront on this project to include a “pet bowl” feature for the four-legged visitors to this corner of the Fifth Ward.
Kingston Hill Academy: installed May, 2018
Another Greenlove water bottle filling station installed! Thank you, Kingston Hill Academy!
Aquidneck Elementary School: installed March 5, 2018
It was a “had to be there” moment. Greenlove water bottle filling station unveiling event with a troop of “green police”... wanting to make a difference for Earth like Kendra.
Rogers School, Newport, RI: installed October 31, 2017
Greenlove ended 2017 with a 10!  Rogers High School received a second water bottle filling station, the 10th installation for Greenlove. The water bottle filling station in the RHS cafeteria provides students and staff free and easy access to drinking water 99% lead and chlorine free!
St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RI: installed October 2, 2017
Members from the Greenlove Foundation participated in St. Michael’s Country Day School assembly to celebrate the school’s environmental efforts and successes during the past three years.  As a result of the school’s accomplishment, Greenlove has donated a water bottle filling station to SMCDS which was officially unveiled on October 2, 2017.
Perotti Park, Newport, RI: installed May 24, 2017
The waterfilling station included an accessible water fountain, just in time for the busy summer season in Newport!
Gaudet School Athletic Complex, Middletown, RI: installed May 1, 2017
The fields are in constant use by the Middletown School, local town and club teams, as well as Salve Regina University!
Johnston High School, Johnston, RI: installed April 24, 2017
The Environmental Club wrote the grant that secured their hydration station! 4000+ plastic bottles saved!
Melville School, Portsmouth, RI: installed March 2, 2017
Melville School became the very first elementary school to be a recipient of Greenlove Foundation's ELKAY filling station for reusable water bottles was unveiled. To date, 3732+ plastic bottles saved! Young environmentalists in the making helping to protect our earth!
Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown, RI: installed January 25, 2017
The Norman Bird Sanctuary gets about 20,000 visitors a year. As of August 2017, the filling station has been used 2500+ times. Camp counselors report that the kids love using the waterfilling station which is also available year-round for visitors, hikers and bird watchers.
Fort Adams State Park, Newport RI: installed July 12, 2016
Greenlove's third water bottle filling station was installed at Fort Adams in Newport, RI just in time for the Folk Festival! The Folk Festival is one of Kendra's favorite events, and this year her spirit will be felt more than ever.
Rogers High School, Newport, RI: installed April 22, 2016
"On Earth Day we did not plant a tree, we did not pick up trash, or devise a reuse recycle plan,” Kendra’s father Michael Bowers said on Facebook, “but we unveiled RI’s first Greenlove Foundation fountain and water bottle filling station. Happy Earth Day Kendra! Your spirit will continue to make a difference.”
Charleston Aquarium, Charleston, SC
Greenlove's first water bottle filling station was installed at the Charleston South Carolina aquarium as the result of Kendra's aunt and uncle Sharon & Nigel Bowers' lovely generous donation done with the goal of supporting the aquarium's conservation efforts and of course Greenlove. Nigel said, "its not everyday that you have the chance to do something with people you love, for someone you love, for people you love at an organization you love."