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Our Mission: Taking root from its inspirational spirit, the Greenlove Foundation seeks to foster and grow an optimistic, positive and forward-thinking sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability awareness. Its goals are the establishment and growth of a fund to support initiatives promoting environmental and sustainability awareness, and to provide an educational scholarships/grants to students pursuing post-secondary environmental studies.
To date, 16 water bottle filling stations have been installed in schools, parks, conservation areas and more throughout Rhode Island and beyond! The Foundation’s current goals are to support the following initiatives:
The first environmental initiative involves the installation of water bottle filling stations, initially on Aquidneck Island in educational institutions and recreational parks in combination with an environmental educational program.


Greenlove Foundation awarded two educational scholarships to Chloe West of Portsmouth and Leslie Campbell of Middletown. The scholarships of $1,500 each were awarded based upon the student's dedication and commitment to making a difference in the environment
Providing a young girl of limited means the opportunity to attend Singing Eagle Lodge, a two-week, sleep-away camp in the White Mountains, created “to offer girls the opportunity to learn to love and respect the outdoors”.


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