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Our Educational Awareness Program

Greenlove’s main goal is to promote environmental and sustainability awareness through their educational program designed for school age children from kindergarten to high school.   Greenlove’s educational awareness guide focuses on the detrimental impact of single use plastic bottles have on the environment.


The mission of the program is to educate and engage the students with current environmental and sustainability issues, empower student-generated environmental awareness through project based-based learning and to cultivate positive, lifelong habits regarding environmental responsibility.  To this effect we have developed an educational awareness program to assist the schools implement their educational awareness program in connection to their water bottle filling station application. This program serves as a model in the

event the schools do not have the resources to create their own or do not have any history of environmental efforts in the school. The program may be adapted or modified.  Alternatively, the school can create their own program.


The implementation of the educational program through the project-based learning guide provides the opportunity for students to reinforce their research skills, written and verbal communications, public speaking, creative arts, etc.; it also allows for the student’s ideas to be validated and put into action.  Further, the program allows the students to learn about the importance of protecting our Earth and how to protect it by reducing the consumption of single use plastics and adopting the habit of using reusable bottles on a daily basis.

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