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Are you interested in applying for a water bottle filling station for your school or organization?
Thank you for contacting Greenlove!  We appreciate your interest in joining our efforts to protect our Earth in memory of Kendra L. Bowers, the inspiration behind our mission.

This document provides general information to educational institutions and non-educational organizations interested in seeking a Greenlove water bottle filling station (“WBFS”) donation.  Read on to learn about the application process and conditions to be a Greenlove WBFS recipient.


The first step is to complete our application.  We encourage you to provide detailed information regarding your interest in a WBFS and the history of the school/organization’s environmental efforts. After the application is received we will review the information and contact your school/organization if more information is required. The application will be reviewed at our monthly board meeting. A final determination is made after a site visit is completed; a site visit is required to evaluate installation requirements. 


Greenlove donations generally consist of an ELKAY water bottle filling station with one filter.  The manufacturer is subject to change. The WBFS includes both a traditional bubbler feature and a sensor operated hands-free water bottle filling dispenser. Among other features it includes a filter status alerting the time to change the filter, and more importantly a digital counter indicating how many single use plastic bottles have been saved from waste! The school/organization is responsible for future filter purchases and keeping the unit operable and clean.


As a condition of the donation, Greenlove requires that your school/organization participate in an environmental awareness program/campaign.  The mission of the program is to educate and engage the students with current environmental and sustainability issues, empower student-generated environmental awareness through project-based learning and to cultivate positive, lifelong habits regarding single use plastic pollution water and environmental responsibility.  We have developed an educational awareness program to assist schools and non-educational organizations. This program is a model in the event the entity does not have the resources to create their own program or do not have any history of environmental efforts. Our program may be adapted or modified by educational institutions and non-educational organizations.  More details about the program would be provided and discussed if your school/organization is interested in pursuing the application.  Further, we suggest a reveal or launch date once the water bottle filling station is installed at which time we would take the opportunity to take pictures for our press release and social media efforts.


After the installation is complete and your school/organization community has had the opportunity to use the station for a period of time, we would contact you to ask how beneficial and impacting the water station has been. We also contact your three times per year to obtain a usage count and any testimonials you are willing to share.


We hope that this information is helpful and that you would be willing to join our efforts in promoting environmental stewardship and making a difference for our Earth.

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