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Leslie Campbelll, UVM

Chloe West, URI

Press Release: Rhode Island based foundation distributes two scholarships to local college students dedicated to the environment”


Newport, RI:  In August, the Greenlove Foundation awarded two educational scholarships to Chloe West of Portsmouth and Leslie Campbell of Middletown. The scholarships of $1,500 each were awarded based upon the student's dedication and commitment to making a difference in the environment.   


Leslie Campbell is a Middletown, RI resident and member of University of Vermont’s class of 2024 currently studying Natural Resources.   Leslie’s commitment to environmental concerns is laudable, said Katherine Bowers, President of The Greenlove Foundation.   


Chloe West, is a resident of Portsmouth and 2024 class member at University of Rhode Island currently studying Marine Affairs and Communication.  Ms. West is looking toward a future in Marine Affairs.   Chloe is very passionate about influencing others to care for the environment, said Katherine Bowers.


The Greenlove Foundation was established in memory of Kendra L. Bowers, who within her short life made a great impact on the environment. Kendra was an environmental science student at UVM, when her life was tragically cut short in 2014.  With the inspiration of their daughter, The Bowers family created The Greenlove Foundation with the mission to continue Kendra’s legacy.    Kendra lived by the “recycle, reduce, reuse” mantra, and encouraged others to admire nature and protect mother earth.   


In it’s short tenure, Greenlove Foundation, a registered environmental IRS 501(c)3) non-profit, has impacted Rhode Island and beyond by installing indoor and outdoor water bottle filling stations in schools and recreational areas.  Over the past few years, thousands of Rhode Islanders have utilized the water bottle filling stations reducing the amount of plastic water bottles thrown away after a wasteful one-time use.   Greenlove water stations have saved over 700,000 bottles from ending in our landfill.   Greenlove also provides a young girl of limited means the opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors at a sleep away camp in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.    


This year, Greenlove developed their educational scholarship program in the hopes of “paying it forward”, Bowers said, and to financially help environmental science students pursue their studies.  Local business owner, Lisa Palmiotto, a strong supporter of Greenlove and co-owner of Bridge to Fitness, headed and executed the educational scholarship program.   “Before COVID I got involved helping to repurpose water bottles and left behind at the gym, with Greenlove’s  “No Bottle Left Behind” program, '' said  Lisa Palmiotto.  “We had a bunch of water bottles in our lost and found bin at the gym.   After an extensive sanitization effort, Greenlove helped to distribute them to people who could use them, avoiding them ending in a landfill.”  Ms. Palmiotto loves the idea of the next generation stepping up to make a change in the environment.  She was thrilled to help Greenlove implement their educational scholarship program.   In the future, Greenlove will continue to support post-secondary students focusing on the environment through their scholarship program.


For more information on The Greenlove Foundation, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook, or Instagram.  You may also contact their office at 401.684-0036 to inquire about any of their programs and how to apply for a hydration station.    
This program was chosen to help another environmental science student, like Kendra, complete his/her post secondary studies in a college, university, community college or technical school. Besides, our country needs more graduates in the sciences!
To begin your application process for 22 - 22 school year, please download the Environmental Scholarship Application Packet from the link below.
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